Designed by a union for unions. LUNA provides you with the best tools and features to effectively manage your local. LUNA simplifies your daily union tasks, saving you time and effort so you can focus on the bigger things.




Customized to your particular user account, your dashboard provides you with instant access to the tools and information you need most. 

– Gain INSTANT access to live-time charts, graphs and reports
– View all LUNA tools in one window
– Completely customize your dashboard by selecting simple widgets

Meetings and Calendars

Have a meeting or event you need your executive members to know about? LUNA can easily help you schedule and share meetings and events with one click. 

– Easily customize your calendar
– Instantly schedule and share meetings and events with fellow executive members

Member Database

Searching for member information can be a headache – but not anymore! All the member information you need is now accessible in one easy-to-use system.

– Store and retain accurate member information
– Keep track of member information and updates
– Mass import your entire member database with one click
– Easily view and/or access notes, documents, grievances, tasks etc. associated with a specific member
– Create membership reports

Collective Agreement Index 

Your collective agreement is already indexed in LUNA’s system, allowing you to search and access articles in your collective agreement with one click. Avoid flipping through endless pages of small print. Simply type in a key word and gain instant access.

– Locate specific articles in your collective agreement through key word search
– Easily import/export a copy of your collective agreement
– Quickly locate and attach articles to grievances


Quickly access membership statistics using our reporting features. Get instant access to membership meeting attendance details, grievance stats, classification stats and more.

– Customize and create in-depth reports regarding membership and grievance statistics
– Export and view reports in multiple formats
– Store custom report templates for easy report creation

Simplified Grievance Processing/Tracking

Quickly create, file and keep track of grievances using LUNA’s automated system. Locate and reference specific collective agreement articles in as little as one click.

– File and track your grievances
– Create grievance letters
– Track grievance communications and activities


Cloud-Based – Accessible Anywhere

Because LUNA is integrated on a cloud-based platform, you can access the software anywhere there’s an internet connection. Access the system wherever you are – on any device, whether you’re using a smart phone, computer or tablet.

– Access from any internet enabled device.
– Fully responsive, mobile and tablet friendly.
– Full system on mobile device. No cut down versions.


Import/Export with Automatic Data Merge

Import or export reports and information quickly with our automated system. Stored information is automatically organized based on your search specifications.

– Excel and PDF Export
– Excel and CSV import
– Automatic deduping and data merging